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Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Fun to be a Girl - Spicy Saturday

Although I've been under a substantial amount of stress the last few days, I honestly feel like it is a good thing.  I feel like my marriage, and my emotional health in general, is going to not only survive but thrive!  DH and I have been doing a huge amount of talking.  He's opening up, telling me what he's feeling and what he'd like to see change.  Right now it seems like it's mostly about my neediness and clinginess.  He wants to make the decisions about sex, affection and all that.  To but it plainly, he wants to be "the man".

When I look at my behavior throughout our marriage, I have been acting like a guy in a lot of ways.  I am the one pressuring him for sex, checking out other people, acting like sex is all that matters.  Now that he's brought this to my attention I have been very consciously changing my behavior.  I'm acting like the girl now and it feels great.  I am actually really enjoying him chasing me - it's fun!!

I was looking at EdenFantasys tonight and they are actually having a big sale right now!  How convenient with me trying to be all girly and desirable.  Everyone can actually save 20% on all sex toys for women.  Awesome, right?  I am thinking about some massage oil and maybe a sexy piece of lingerie.  It might be fun to slip it on and just let him react!

The New Me

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

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