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Monday, September 26, 2011

Mixed Feelings

I'm having a little bit of a rough day today.  I'm not feeling very well so that is probably part of it.  I'm also really missing my DH.  We haven't had much time together.  Well, that isn't really true.  We've had time together but we've been busy.  What I'm missing is all the cuddling and watching television in our bed......naked!  There are so many great shows starting and I want to enjoy them with him.  Unfortunately, life is getting in the way right now.  I'm sure it'll slow down soon but right now it's hard.

The mixed feelings are coming because I want to change myself but honestly I don't know how much I want to change.  Does that make sense?  Maybe I'm just thinking too much today, I don't know.  I guess what I'm saying is that I keep talking about how I want to change myself in regards to sex with my husband.  I want to stop bugging him about it.  I want to keep the "Duct Tape Challenge" in effect.  But I don't really want to change who I am.....I still want to be ME just a little different.

I really don't think that DH wants me to change completely either.  I think he wants the same sexy, affectionate, hot, always ready for sex, fun, flirty wife that he loves so much.  He would hate for me to get rid of all those things.  He just wants me to tone down the pressure some.  That is where the real change needs to come. 

This blog is very beneficial in that sense.  I am able to write out a lot of what I'm feeling instead of dumping it on him.  That helps a lot!  Plus, the "Spicy Saturday" feature is going to be a lot of fun too.  It will allow me to focus on the fun parts of our sex life.  We have a lot of fun, even after 20 years of marriage!  I've also decided to build affiliate relationships with a few online adult stores.  This will allow me to share some great deals with you as well as give you some advice on possible purchases.  The most recent one I've hooked up with is Babeland.  I really like them because they seem very women-friendly!  You can find buttons for all the great affiliates I'm working with on my Awesome Links page.  Whenever you want to visit one of them I'd appreciate if you'd use the button or one of the links in my postings.  Thanks!

The New Me


  1. Awww, totally know how you feel.. My DH works a LOT!! Miss times together but make it spontaneous and fun whenever you can.. It seems you guys have a great relationship and this time shall pass.. Wishing you bests.. : )) I'm officially following ya per linky party. Love your space and look forward to reading more.. I'm Marilyn via hope you can stop in sometime.. TY : ))

  2. Love your post. Following you back from I have been with Agent Daddy for 20 years 17 years of Marriage. I have learned that sometimes you need to tell him you are just gonna make out. No petting no sex. Gets them going and makes them want what they can't have. But we also have a wonderful, discrete, toy store that we visit to help keep the spice in out marriage. Thanks for following me too. Be sure to register to win the shoes from Draven. I am giving away 1 pair to Three lucky winners.