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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Work Schedule

Well, my DH has a new work schedule at work. He had been working a rotating day schedule of 12 hours which we hated. They were long days and he'd be so tired at night. Of course, the days off were awesome though! But starting today he'll be on a new schedule. The good news is that he'll only work 8 hours a day. The bad news is that he's on second shift. Because he works about an hour from home he'll actually be away from the house from 1:45pm - midnight Monday through Friday.

I'm sad about the change. I am worried that it'll mean we won't have as much time together. At night, when he gets home from work at midnight, he'll be tired and will probably head to bed soon after getting home. But then in the mornings he'll be dreading going to work. I hate that!

He says that we'll still have lots of time and for me not to worry. I know he wants to be with me too so I shouldn't worry. That is easier said than done though, lol! Of course, I have totally discovered that I am more likely to get what I want (time & affection with him) if I'm happy and fun instead of sad and worried. He just gets stubborn when I put pressure on him to pay attention to me. I need to remember that!

So my current challenge in this path to reinventing myself is to just go with the flow! To be happy, fun and flirty no matter what. To just "giggle & wiggle" and trust that he'll react the way I want him to. That is my challenge and I am confident that I can succeed!

The New Me

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