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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spicy New Year's Eve

Every since our daughter was born, in 1993, my husband and I have never celebrated New Year's Eve alone.  We've always had her here with us & most years she stayed up until after midnight. Tonight, though, we'll be celebrating alone - yay!  She's home from college and will be babysitting all night to night....which means we'll have the house all to ourselves.

We're really looking forward to spending the evening naked in bed!  With her here from college we haven't had the time we're used to, plus it'll be awesome to start the new year off all wrapped up in each other's arms.  Good thing we bought lots of awesome sex toys from EdenFantasys the last few months!

I'm sure we'll be spending some of the time being all romantic & cuddly, talking about how much we love each other and so on.  But there will be lots of time spent playing with some of our EdenFantasy toys like our vibrators or massage kits! I can't wait!!

The New Me

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hormones Stink!

Man!  I am so stressed out and grumpy today!  I know it's just my hormones and menopause but it's really kicking my tail!  I keep alternating between wanting to cry, laugh, punch something, scream, and run away.  Anyone else ever feel like that? 

We had a great Christmas yesterday.  My wonderful husband is off work for a week. Our daughter is here visiting from college & things are going great.  I am very blessed and I should be so happy.  I am happy - deep down - but emotionally I'm a mess today! 

Menopause is hard and I'm struggling today.  I am thankful to have such an understanding family though.  They give me my space, let me cry or grump around if I need to, and are there to offer a hug when it's needed.  I truly am blessed.  But....hormones still stink!

The New Me

Friday, December 23, 2011

All Together

The holidays are almost here!  DD is home from college for winter break. She'll be here for approximately 3 weeks.  And DH is going to be off work for a whole week starting tomorrow. It'll be nice to have everyone home together!

I have to admit, though, that DH & I are missing our empty nest a little bit.  It's great to have our DD home & she's been a joy to be around, but we are really spoiled by the amount of time we have together. We're missing each other! We have been sneaking some time in here & there though so that makes things alittle better. 

It feels like just yesterday that our DD was a baby & we were excited about our first Christmas as a family. It is so hard to believe that our "baby" is now almost 19 years old!  Time sure does fly by.  Sometimes I wish I would have savored the time we had a little better. Not gotten so stressed or grumpy, not been too busy.....just enjoyed life as it was happening.

The New Me

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Spicy Saturday - Wand Opinions?

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Time for another "Spicy Saturday" post!  Today I wanted to get your opinions about wands. I recently purchased the Fairy Wand Massager from EdenFantasys. I love it! I really, really love the vibration power it possesses.  I am beginning to accumulate a lot of sex toys but I've never had one that plugs in and I can really tell a difference in the intensity. It's awesome!

My only complaint is that it's just a little too big. I would prefer if the top part wasn't quite so wide. Plus, we got an attachment and it doesn't seem to fit properly. I thought it was for the Fairy Wand but now I'm thinking it might actually be for a completely different wand massager.

I'm thinking about getting another Fairy Wand. They come in a few smaller sizes & I think that would fit my desires perfectly. My question, though, is which one should I get?  I don't know if I want the Fairy Mini or the Fairy Miniature. They also make two that are even smaller - the Pocket Fairy and the Fairy Baby - but I think they'd be just too small. Finally, I just realized that they also sell the Fairy Rechargeable, which might be a great option too. I don't know!

So, any opinions out there?  Basically I'm trying to decide between the Fairy Mini, Fairy Miniature, and Fairy Rechargeable.  I want something alittle smaller than the original Fairy but I don't want to sacrifice any of the intensity!  I love how strongly the Fairy vibrates!!  I also would like to be able to get some attachments eventually but that isn't a deciding factor.  Thanks for your advice!

The New Me

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good Vibrations' Tri-O Triple Pleasure Ring Review

Time for another Good Vibrations review! I love my job, lol!  Today I'm going to tell you about the Tri-O Waterproof Vibrating Couple's Cock Ring.  Here is a picture..

It includes two rings as well as two bullet vibrators.  The vibrations are not extremely strong but they get the job done.  This toy provides a nice combination of sensations for both you & your husband.  We enjoyed playing with our Tri-O and will use it again from time to time. The thing I like the most is that because the toy is worn by the man it enables you to easily integrate some vibrating sensation into your lovemaking without a lot of trouble.  Easy and fun!

The New Me

Friday, December 9, 2011

Home for the Holidays

With Christmas quickly approaching us, all of our minds are on family & loved ones. I know mine sure is. Probably more so this year than ever before because of our only child being off at college. I have to admit, we are very much enjoying our empty nest, but we miss our "baby" too. I can't imagine how hard it would be if she wasn't going to be coming home for Christmas break. Thinking about her being away, and being excited about her coming home soon, really makes me love this video even more. I know you will too!

"This post is sponsored by T-Mobile."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

American Cancer Society

Cancer is a terrible thing. Unfortunately, most families in America will deal with it at one point or another in their lives. But thanks to the American Cancer Society many strides have been taken to overcome this terrible disease. There is a great deal of information to digest on their website. Articles about cancer, how to stay healthy, finding treatment, ongoing research and how to help. Please, this holiday season, consider donating to the American Cancer Society. Every dollar helps to bring more birthdays to cancer patients!

"This post is sponsored by American Cancer Society."

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Spicy Saturday - Massage Anyone?

Well, the EdenFantasys giveaway is over & a winner has been chosen. I'm sorry if it wasn't you but keep your eye out for more awesome giveaways!  In the meantime, I thought I'd write about some of the great sensual massage items they carry. The great thing about a massage is that you will immediately feel much closer to your spouse & that can only lead to fun times!

As you can imagine, they offer a wide variety of massage oils and candles. But they also carry lip gloss, body lotion, sugar scrubs, even bronzers. The Getaway Kit - Sensual Kit looks really interesting and it's even on sale right now. The Shunga Garden of Edo Organic Collection also looks absolutely luxurious and guess's on sale too!

We all know that EdenFantasys is a great place to shop for sex toys but you'll also find some wonderful things that are a little tamer. Of course, what comes after the massage is completely up to you, lol!  Have fun!

The New Me

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Meeting At The Bus Stop

Thanks for the post from Barney Crosby

Afternoons are my favorite time of day during the week. Monday through Friday at 3 o’clock, I put the leash on our dog Bingo, set my las Vegas adt security and lock the door then head to the bus stop to meet my daughter. I must confess that I was very nervous about her riding the bus home from school because she just started kindergarten this year. Because I work from home I could easily have picked her up every day. However, she insisted that she is a “big girl” going to the “big school” and wanted to ride the bus with the rest of her friends in our neighborhood. It’s so sweet to watch her skip down the bus steps with her back pack on and her lunch box in hand. Her face lights up with a big smile when she finds me and Bingo in the crowd and she runs over to give us a big hug. On the walk home we talk about her day and make our plans for the evening. It’s always the bright spot of my day!

Telling Parents About New Home

Author: Joseph Sandoval

I just bought my first house. It has been a huge move for me, but I am feeling very good about it. The hardest part was telling my parents. When I was renting a place, I think they always thought there was a chance I would live in the same town as them, but once I bought a place it was permanent. While they were and are very happy for me, I know they wanted me to live closer. I tried to let them know it was in a great neighborhood and that I felt very safe. I went on to tell them I had Long Beach ADT Security watching over me, but I could tell that wasn’t enough. My mom wanted to be watching over me and wanted to be a short car ride away. She worries about me and will always think of me as a little girl. I know she will always think of me that way, but she needs to eventually realize I am growing up and eventually accept this as my new home. I hope they will make the trek out her one day, but until then I think they will always want me to come back home.

Friday, November 18, 2011

EdenFantasys Giveaway!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

The holiday season is upon us.  It's awesome but can be very stressful too.  So, to help you relieve some of that stress I am pleased to share with you that EdenFantasys is offering a Totally Reinventing Me reader the chance to win a $50.00 gift card!

Having the chance to pick out some fantastic sex toys right now is a great treat!  You'll be happy to know that all orders are shipped in a completely discreet manner.  Just visit their site, have fun looking around & pick something you can't live without.  You'll find lots of exciting items and more tame ones as well if that is your preference.  I guarantee there is something for everyone!  Have fun & good luck!

Chenille Letter Winner!

Congratulations to Christyn!  You are the winner of the Chenille Letter Giveaway. I've sent you an email and am anxious to hear back from you. Everyone else, don't be discouraged because we have lots more awesome giveaways coming up!

The New Me

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Made with Love Giveaway Event Winner!

Congratulations to Sarah! You are the winner of the Made with Love Giveaway Event!!  I've sent you an email and hope to hear from you soon. Everyone else, don't be discouraged!  We'll be having lots more awesome giveaways coming up soon!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Turkey Trot Giveaway Event

Thanksgiving. It’s all about family, food, pie, football … and GIVEAWAYS! Totally Reinventing Me and Freckleberry Finds are happy to host the first annual Turkey Trot Giveaway Hop! Here is some information about our awesome sponsor.

 The Mohawk Valley Trading Company offers the highest quality organic and unprocessed natural products they can produce such as maple syrup  and raw honey.

Their raw honey is unpasteurized, unfiltered, unprocessed, unheated, unblended and is available in 5 varieties. Raw honey contains all of the pollen, live enzymes, propolis, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and aromatics in the same condition as they were in the hive.

For eons, honey has been used for coughs, it is a safe alternative to over the counter cough syrup especially for children; Cough Medicine vs. Honey

MVTC is sponsoring our Turkey Trot Giveaway Event with a 3 pack of one pound jars of their Adirondack Wildflower Autumn Honey (estimated  value $30.00)

Awesome, right?!?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Made With Love Giveaway Event

Welcome to the Made With Love Event hosted by The Reynolds Mom and Seventeen Sirens! This event features at least $25 or more in handmade prizes on each of the participating blogs. Be sure to go through the linky below and enter for your chance to win! This event will close on November 13th at Midnight EST. Good Luck!

I'm sure you remember my Sponsor Spotlight post a few days ago! Well, it's time for the main event!  Aprile, from The Steady Hand, has offered a $25.00 gift certificate to the winner of our Made With Love giveaway.  Awesome, right?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Get a Melissa & Doug 25% Off Coupon When You Take the North "Poll"

Melissa & Doug want you to tell them which of their educational toys you think is the best! Just click on the image below to place your vote in the North "Poll!" You'll Get a Melissa & Doug 25% Off Coupon** to use at just for voting!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Steady Hand - "Made With Love" Sponsor

Next week is the "Made with Love" Giveaway Event!  You are going to have the opportunity to visit a ton of awesome blogs and enter lots & lots of great giveaways.  This is something you are not going to want to miss! 

Aprile from The Steady Hand has graciously agreed to be Totally Reinventing Me's sponsor for this event.  Some of you may know her from her blog "The Steady Hand Blog" where she posts lots of awesome reviews & giveaways as well as many other things.  But she also makes and sells tons of wonderful items, mostly crocheted but some sewn too.  Here are a few of her creations....

You can find The Steady Hand all over the internet!  You can visit her at The Steady Hand Blog, on Facebook, Twitter, and even at her Etsy shop!  And guess what....she has graciously offered free shipping to any Totally Reinventing Me readers!  Just send her a note (HERE) before you place your order and she'll take the shipping off.  So nice!

Be sure to come back for the Made with Love Giveaway Event which will be running November 8 - 13 to see what awesome prize you can win from The Steady Hand!


Chenille Letter Giveaway

Chenille letters and patches (also known as  varsity letters or award letters) combined with embroidery, embroidered patches or tackle twill, are a traditional way to show school achievement and spirit on a varsity jacket (letterman jacket), or cheerleading uniforms.

Crooked Brook  has extra, first quality chenille letters that they are offering as a give aways, that would be a great way to personalize a hoodie, sweatshirt, sweatshirt blanket, jacket , fleece jacket or tote bag (if you could use any of the letters).

The prize is the winner’s choice of one letter:
“H” -  7” - Navy on White
“N” – 7” – White on White
“N” – 5” – Purple on White
“N” – 5” – Gold on White

Good luck!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Good Vibrations' Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel Review

I really enjoy the Good Vibrations website. It is very female friendly and easy to navigate.  You might remember me posting about them before. Today I have a product of theirs that I would like to review.

I was sent the Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel to try out.  I'll admit, I was skeptical. I just didn't think it would work at all.  I figured it was just a regular cream/gel that wouldn't do anything at all to my "private parts". I never expected it to really add or take away from my arousal. Here is a picture of the product...

One morning things were getting frisky with my hubby and he pulled the bottle out. He said we should give it a try & started to rub some on me. Initially it was just cold but quickly began to heat up. Then it started tingling.  I'll be honest - it became way too intense for both of us. We had to stop and actually wipe it off.  I was honestly very surprised!

Now, that may seem like a negative review but really it isn't. Yes, it is true that I wouldn't purchase this product myself but not because it didn't work. Instead, it worked too well! It was just too strong and intense for us.  That means it works though!  Others out there might like the intensity.  I suggest visiting Good Vibrations and trying it if you are into that. I guarantee you will feel something with this product!

The New Me

Monday, October 31, 2011

Tackle Twill Numbers Giveaway

Tackle twill (sew on numbers, sew on lettering) is a form of appliqué. Although most commonly seen in combination with embroidery and embroidered patches on sports team uniforms and jerseys (consisting of the team logo, player’s name, and number), it is also used to customize hoodies, sweatshirts, tote bags, varsity jackets and cheerleading uniforms.

My friends at Crooked Brook have many tackle twill numbers in various fonts, colors and sizes that were extras, mistakes or have slight imperfections and will randomly choose two tackle twill numbers as giveaways.

These are perfect for customizing one of the kids hoodies or sweatshirts, and can be sewn onto a garment with a zigzag, satin or double running stitch. You can turn your little sports fan’s plain sweatshirt into a “jersey” just like the pros wear.

Today’s tackle twill give away is two, Varsity font, 7”, white on black, numbers, value…$17.00.  Winner can request the 2 numbers that they want, provided Crooked Brook has them, if not, they will have to choose from what is available.

Awesome, right?!?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Disappointed Tonight - Spicy Saturday

I'm sad tonight. My husband and I haven't had any time together this past week. We've been crazy busy! Don't get me wrong, we've still fit in lots of sex but not a lot of cuddling and taking our time.  He worked both days last weekend and was supposed to have them both off this weekend. We have been making plans all week.  It's been fun. We've been texting each other idea of things we wanted to do. Fun things.....using our new EdenFantasys purchases type things....awesome!!

But this morning that all changed. He woke up with a stuffy nose. As the morning went on it got worse and a sore throat started too.  SAD!  He's been texting me tonight and he's feeling even worse. He's still off tomorrow and Sunday but since he's sick our plans are probably out the window.  I'm disappointed!

I told him I could be his nurse and take care of him all weekend.  He liked that.  I wish I would've know this was going to happen. I could've ordered a nurse's outfit to wear.  He would probably really like the naughty nurse costume.  Of course, then he'd be tempted to do things he shouldn't be doing while he's sick!

Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon & we'll get to do all those fun things we have on our list! Until then I need to be a good wife and concentrate on taking care of him. And maybe sneak in a little time to enjoy some of my sex toys myself to take the edge off!

The New Me

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop

Just came across this awesome blog hop! It'll be so great to get to know some bloggers that are experiencing the same things as me.  Head on over and check it out if you qualify, lol! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Custom Hoodie Winner!

Congratulations to Amber!!  You are the winner of the Custom Made Hoodie Giveaway!!  I've sent you an email and hope to hear from you soon.  Everyone else....don't be discouraged because there will be lots more custom made hoodie  giveaways coming up soon.  Remember to keep checking back!  If you can’t wait, contact Crooked Brook  for custom made hoodies or custom hoodies.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feeling Very Down Tonight

Gosh, my hormones must really be out of whack!  I am feeling very down, blue, sad, depressed, hormonal, menopausal, lonely, weepy, and any other sad word you can think of.  I've literally been crying off and on all evening long.  I hate this!

Even though I really think it is just my hormones I start going through reasons why I'm sad.  I miss my husband because he's been working a lot, we haven't gotten to text much while he's at work, I miss our daughter who is away at college, I'm stressed about a big decision I need to make, my husband and I haven't had much "cuddling" time recently.  The list can go on and on.  But honestly, even those things are bugging me they shouldn't be making me cry this much.  It's crazy!  I suppose that is where the hormones & menopause come into the picture.

I've been trying to just take really good care of myself tonight.  I'm blessed that I don't have to work or really have any major responsibilities.  I've been letting myself cry as much as I need to, lots of crocheting, reading, and catching up on television shows.  Unfortunately, that isn't helping too much.  Maybe I need a few more days of just babying myself.

The hard thing is going to be when my husband gets home from work.  He's so sweet and will probably be able to tell right away that I've been crying.  He'll ask what is wrong and I don't know what I'm going to say.  Probably just that my hormones are out of whack.  I really hate to load all of this stuff on his shoulders.  He shouldn't have to worry about me all the time.  He shouldn't feel like my happiness depends on if we've had much time together, if we have texted any, or if we've been having lots of sex.  He has a lot of things on his shoulders and even though they are nice and broad I shouldn't heap more on to them!

Hopefully writing here will help me.  I struggle with thinking things are terrible when I'm hormonal like this.  I read serious problems into little things.  I don't want to do that this time.  I just want to realize that it's hormones, that I need to really pamper myself for awhile, and that I'll be feeling better before I know it!

The New Me

Monday, October 24, 2011

Raw Honey Winner!

Congratulations to Emily!!  You are the winner of the Raw Honey Giveaway!!  I've sent you an email and hope to hear from you soon.  Everyone else....don't be discouraged because there will be lots more raw honey giveaways coming up soon.  Remember to keep checking back!  If you can’t wait, contact Mohawk Valley Trading Company for raw honey and maple syrup.

Live in Love

Thanks for the guest post by Eugene Fulton

Being a good live-in girlfriend is hard, you know what I mean? I try not to let it get overwhelming but sometimes I just get really stressed having to worry about my house and keeping Greg happy at the same time. I have a 40 hour a week job just like anyone else and it’s tough having to worry about a boyfriend who’s not just a roommate but someone I love as well. For example, the other day he asked me to go to to look into satellite TV and I just forgot – he wasn’t mad at me but I know he was disappointed that I hadn’t helped him. There’s nothing about being a girlfriend that I find easy and maybe it’s because we’re not right together or that I’m not ready but I really want to make this work and I’m going to have to try hard to be a better partnerfor him. I want to stay living together but at this rate I don’t know where we’ll be in a few months.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adult Toy Shoppe's Floral Wonder Vibe Review

I have recently been invited to begin reviewing items from The Adult Toy Shoppe. I love their website. It is very female friendly.  They even offer multiple sex toy guides, which are very informative and helpful.  As with most shops of this nature, all packaging and billing is completely private and discreet.

The item they sent for me to try out is the Floral Wonder Vibrator.  The first thing I noticed after taking it out of the packaging was that it was very pretty.  Not completely necessary, of course, but very much appreciated!  The vibrations are strong and you even have your choice of a few different settings.  I would recommend this vibrator and like it very much!  Isn't it pretty?!?

Of course, there are many other vibrators to choose from on their site! I'm sure you will find one, or more, that you really want!  Have fun!

The New Me

Friday, October 21, 2011


Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines

Well, this move has been nothing short of exhausting. We downsized from a townhouse in Manhattan to a one bedroom in the Upper East Side and are thrilled to have less to clean and more trees to see. In the midst of packing, moving, unpacking and organizing, it slipped our minds that we’d need to get the heat turned on. The first few days of moving were rather warm, not to mention that we sweat through our t-shirts lifting boxes up the brownstone stairs. So, when we settled in on Saturday night to watch a DVD (no cable yet) and drink wine, we found ourselves chilly and unable to warm our feet. I, of course, went to right away, but they couldn’t come out to hook things up until Thursday! So, here we are, bundled under blankets and drinking hot tea after dinner every night to stay warm. Next time we move (which will hopefully be, um, never) I’ll pay more attention to necessary utilities than making sure my Kate Spade china makes it safely into the dining room. Who are we kidding? You know me better than that.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Raw Honey #2 Winner!

Congratulations to Joanne!!  You are the winner of the Raw Honey Giveaway!!  I've sent you an email and hope to hear from you soon.  Everyone else....don't be discouraged because there will be lots more raw honey giveaways coming up soon.  Remember to keep checking back!  If you can’t wait, contact Mohawk Valley Trading Company for raw honey and maple syrup.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Rabbits Anyone? Spicy Saturday!

I have really been enjoying the friendship I'm forging with EdenFantasys! Their website is great.  They offer lots of outstanding sales all the time. They have a wide variety of items.  And everything I've ever gotten from them has been of the highest quality!

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Today I want to talk about vibrators. They are a standard for any woman interested in purchasing a sex toy.  They're great because you can use them alone but you can also have your husband or significant other use them on you as well.  It's always interesting to me how differently he does it than from how I do it!

I noticed on EdenFantasys that they have all their rabbit vibrators on sale for 25% off!!  What a great deal! Plus, the Couture and L'amour ones are even 30% off.  Head on over and check them out.  If you like vibrators, or have never even tried one, the rabbit style are especially great because of the dual stimulation!

The New Me

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Custom Made Hoodie Winner!

Congratulations to Ferriz!!  You are the winner of the Custom Made Hoodie Giveaway!!  I've sent you an email and hope to hear from you soon.  Everyone else....don't be discouraged because there will be lots more custom made hoodie  giveaways coming up soon.  Remember to keep checking back!  If you can’t wait, contact Crooked Brook  for custom made hoodies or custom hoodies.