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Friday, October 21, 2011


Thanks for the article from Isaiah Gaines

Well, this move has been nothing short of exhausting. We downsized from a townhouse in Manhattan to a one bedroom in the Upper East Side and are thrilled to have less to clean and more trees to see. In the midst of packing, moving, unpacking and organizing, it slipped our minds that we’d need to get the heat turned on. The first few days of moving were rather warm, not to mention that we sweat through our t-shirts lifting boxes up the brownstone stairs. So, when we settled in on Saturday night to watch a DVD (no cable yet) and drink wine, we found ourselves chilly and unable to warm our feet. I, of course, went to right away, but they couldn’t come out to hook things up until Thursday! So, here we are, bundled under blankets and drinking hot tea after dinner every night to stay warm. Next time we move (which will hopefully be, um, never) I’ll pay more attention to necessary utilities than making sure my Kate Spade china makes it safely into the dining room. Who are we kidding? You know me better than that.

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