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Friday, October 28, 2011

Disappointed Tonight - Spicy Saturday

I'm sad tonight. My husband and I haven't had any time together this past week. We've been crazy busy! Don't get me wrong, we've still fit in lots of sex but not a lot of cuddling and taking our time.  He worked both days last weekend and was supposed to have them both off this weekend. We have been making plans all week.  It's been fun. We've been texting each other idea of things we wanted to do. Fun things.....using our new EdenFantasys purchases type things....awesome!!

But this morning that all changed. He woke up with a stuffy nose. As the morning went on it got worse and a sore throat started too.  SAD!  He's been texting me tonight and he's feeling even worse. He's still off tomorrow and Sunday but since he's sick our plans are probably out the window.  I'm disappointed!

I told him I could be his nurse and take care of him all weekend.  He liked that.  I wish I would've know this was going to happen. I could've ordered a nurse's outfit to wear.  He would probably really like the naughty nurse costume.  Of course, then he'd be tempted to do things he shouldn't be doing while he's sick!

Hopefully he'll be feeling better soon & we'll get to do all those fun things we have on our list! Until then I need to be a good wife and concentrate on taking care of him. And maybe sneak in a little time to enjoy some of my sex toys myself to take the edge off!

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