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Monday, December 26, 2011

Hormones Stink!

Man!  I am so stressed out and grumpy today!  I know it's just my hormones and menopause but it's really kicking my tail!  I keep alternating between wanting to cry, laugh, punch something, scream, and run away.  Anyone else ever feel like that? 

We had a great Christmas yesterday.  My wonderful husband is off work for a week. Our daughter is here visiting from college & things are going great.  I am very blessed and I should be so happy.  I am happy - deep down - but emotionally I'm a mess today! 

Menopause is hard and I'm struggling today.  I am thankful to have such an understanding family though.  They give me my space, let me cry or grump around if I need to, and are there to offer a hug when it's needed.  I truly am blessed.  But....hormones still stink!

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