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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Good Vibrations' Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel Review

I really enjoy the Good Vibrations website. It is very female friendly and easy to navigate.  You might remember me posting about them before. Today I have a product of theirs that I would like to review.

I was sent the Blossom Organics Pure Pleasure Arousal Gel to try out.  I'll admit, I was skeptical. I just didn't think it would work at all.  I figured it was just a regular cream/gel that wouldn't do anything at all to my "private parts". I never expected it to really add or take away from my arousal. Here is a picture of the product...

One morning things were getting frisky with my hubby and he pulled the bottle out. He said we should give it a try & started to rub some on me. Initially it was just cold but quickly began to heat up. Then it started tingling.  I'll be honest - it became way too intense for both of us. We had to stop and actually wipe it off.  I was honestly very surprised!

Now, that may seem like a negative review but really it isn't. Yes, it is true that I wouldn't purchase this product myself but not because it didn't work. Instead, it worked too well! It was just too strong and intense for us.  That means it works though!  Others out there might like the intensity.  I suggest visiting Good Vibrations and trying it if you are into that. I guarantee you will feel something with this product!

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