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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Don't you just love getting flowers from your husband or loved ones? I sure do! My husband doesn't do it often enough though, lol! He did have flowers delivered for our 20th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, I was sick that day and taking a nap when the delivery guy came. But we celebrated lots when I got better. Here is a picture of the beautiful flowers he had delivered for our anniversary....
With DD away at college, and some family members living in different states, I was thinking today about ordering flowers online.  How does it work?  Would I be happy with the selection and service?  What if DD ends up getting to study abroad for a semester?  Could I still send her flowers, like for her birthday or a special occasion?  I did some research and realized that international flower delivery is a great option.  What a relief!  Now I know that I, or anyone else for that matter, can send flowers to absolutely anyone they want.  Perfect!

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  1. Your flowers are beautiful. Hubby did good. Thanks for stopping by and I am returning the follow. Great to see another Ohioan.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I think we all love getting flowers. My husband picked some cheery daisies in a basket while I was in the hospital this week. :)
    Thanks for dropping by Happy Hour!
    Following you - Adrianne

  3. I love getting fresh flowers--so many people think its a waste of money, but to me it'll liven up my entire day. My hubby would order them online and have them shipped to me while he was deployed in Iraq, and I have to admit, they weren't exactly the freshest flowers, but it was something! Now he'll randomly get me a bouquet when he runs to the grocery store and it melts my heart. But recently, i've told him to get me PLANTED flowers or plants--I want them to last a little longer! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you back now =)

  4. sweet! I love when my hubby sends me flowers. Thanks for stopping by my blog....happily following you back :)

  5. Beautiful flowers! My husband and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary yesterday.

    Thanks for stopping by my page. I am following you back. Have a wonderful week!

  6. Thanks for stopping by, following u back