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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feeling blue today

Today is the first day that I've actually been home alone since DD went to college.  We got home from our trip on Monday but DH was off work Tuesday & Wednesday.  Today, Thursday, he's back to work.  I slept really late which helped the day go by faster.  But I'm still feeling pretty blue.  I just miss DD.  It's weird to not have her here with me.

I know that eventually this will get better & I just need to be patient.  I also know that I'll probably come to love having the house to myself.  I'm sure I'll get lots of crafting done & probably become a better housekeeper too, lol.  But right now, on the very first day, I'm feeling very blue.

I've tried texted DH at work a couple times but he hasn't answered me.  I'm assuming he's just busy but hopefully it isn't because he's tired of listening to me whine.  He works 12 hour shifts so it makes for a very long day here alone.  His mom, who I've had trouble with in the past but has recently begun to love & accept me, called to check on how I was doing.  We talked for about a half hour and I felt better afterwards.

DD is on a roller coaster of a ride herself.  Overall I'd say she is adjusting pretty well.  There are times where she'll call and be crying, but in general she seems to be having a great time.  She's already made some new friends too, which is really good.

All of these changes are so hard to adjust to, but I know in time we will all be so happy with the new lives that we've created!  It's just getting to that point that is a little difficult sometimes!

The New Me

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