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Monday, August 15, 2011

Day One of the Challenge

I've done pretty well so far today as far as the challenge goes.  Usually he texts me throughout the day while he is at work but today he didn't.  Now in the past I would get all worked up, wondering why he hasn't texted me, sometimes even send him some texts to see what is going on.  But today, because the challenge is in my mind, I decided not to do any of those things.  I just kept myself occupied with DD, who I wanted to spend time with anyhow before she leaves.

When he got home he was super cuddly and affectionate.  He said that he'd been busy all day and hated it because he would've liked to text me instead.  He kept saying how much he missed me, was putting his arm around me a lot and just making "googly" eyes at me while we ate dinner.  It was awesome!

He's taking a shower now and will probably just rest in his chair this evening.  He works 12 hour shifts and is always tired when he gets home.  Plus, with having a busy day today it just makes things worse.  I would much rather go up to our room and have some fun....or atleast cuddle up some and just watch television.  But I know he's tired.  In the past I've asked to do those things and sometimes we will but I can always tell that he would rather just be resting in his chair.  Tonight, again because of the challenge, I'm keeping my mouth shut.  I'm going to just enjoy whatever we do & be happy.

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  1. remember, you are going to have plenty of time for that fun soon, good for you for letting him have some space, it will pay off.