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Monday, August 15, 2011

2 Weeks

My husband and I sorta had an argument tonight.  Not really an argument but a little more animated than a discussion, lol!  I've been feeling lonely and neglected.  Logically I think it is because of him working a ton of overtime to get everything we need for DD to go to college, but emotionally I think it is because he is tired of me & that it will only get worse once DD goes to school.  Tonight we talked about it and he got kinda frustrated with me.  He said that it's only because of him being tired and for me to just trust him.  I told him I wasn't happy with the way things are right now and that I bet they'll be exactly this way in two weeks.  He said that they will be completely different in two weeks and that I will be very happy.  We agreed to not talk about it again (or actually for me not to nag him about it anymore) until August 29 which is two weeks from now.

So the challenge begins.  Honestly, I know that he is probably right.  I know that he loves me completely and totally enjoys spending time with me.  I also know that he is just exhausted from working so much and needs to catch up on his sleep.  When he is tired it is difficult for him to give me the attention and affection that I'm used to.  It'll probably be fun to see what happens for the next two weeks.  The real challenge in going to be for me to keep my mouth shut.  No nagging, no complaining, no begging for attention, no hinting about wanting cuddling or sex....just being happy, fun, flirty, sexy me and seeing what happens.  Should be interesting!

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