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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Liberator Shapes Review

Time for another EdenFantasys post!  I know you all love their store as much as I do.  It's an awesome place to get sex toys to play with.  Today I wanted to write about something we've been interested in for quite some time.  My DH and I have really wanted to try out some of the Liberator Shapes but they are just so expensive.  We didn't know if it would be worth the investment.  We finally took the plunge & I'm here to tell you about it.

After looking at some of the different options, we decided if we're going to do it then lets do it all the way, lol.  So we splurged on the Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo, which has a price tag of $210!!  When it arrived we were both very impressed with the quality.  The pillows are very firm yet comfortable & the material that covers them feels very luxurious. 

I have to admit, though, that we've been slightly disappointed with the actual use of these shapes.  They just aren't adding much to our experience.  I do have to say that we are very, very sexually active & enjoy each other a lot.  We're adventurous & try lots of new things.  I don't know if maybe that is why the shapes haven't been as exciting for us as some of the reviews I've read, or if maybe we're doing something wrong! 

I do think that for a couple that has been hesitant to try new things, or especially if one of the partners is a little hesitant, any of the Liberator Shapes could be a relatively gentle way to introduce new things.  We'll probably still use ours once in a while, but honestly our sex life is pretty amazing without them.  I do like to use the Ramp to prop myself up in bed when I'm playing on my laptop though, lol!

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