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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Telling Parents About New Home

Author: Joseph Sandoval

I just bought my first house. It has been a huge move for me, but I am feeling very good about it. The hardest part was telling my parents. When I was renting a place, I think they always thought there was a chance I would live in the same town as them, but once I bought a place it was permanent. While they were and are very happy for me, I know they wanted me to live closer. I tried to let them know it was in a great neighborhood and that I felt very safe. I went on to tell them I had Long Beach ADT Security watching over me, but I could tell that wasn’t enough. My mom wanted to be watching over me and wanted to be a short car ride away. She worries about me and will always think of me as a little girl. I know she will always think of me that way, but she needs to eventually realize I am growing up and eventually accept this as my new home. I hope they will make the trek out her one day, but until then I think they will always want me to come back home.


  1. congrats on a new home! But yeah, your parents should give you space. youre your own person now