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Monday, March 26, 2012

Believe Your Mate

I'm sure you all remember when I wrote about shopping for a special trip a few weeks ago.  I ended up buying so really sexy lingerie from EdenFantasys. I was nervous when I was choosing the pieces and again when they arrived.  That isn't normal for me, lol.  Usually I really enjoy shopping at the best sex toy shop online!  This was different though.  The nerves were because I didn't know how I was going to look in the lingerie, simply because I don't have a lot of confidence in my body.

Well, the big box arrived & I anxiously sorted through everything.  I bought eight different outfits as well as a romantic restraint kit. My husband was at work and I thought it would be good for me to try them on alone first.  I started with the first one in the box and worked my way through each of them.  Unfortunately, I was crying by the end.  I didn't like the way I looked, I felt like I looked like a silly, old woman who was trying to be sexy.  It was terrible & I wanted to send them all back.

Later that evening, once my husband was home & had calmed me down, he convinced me to try them on for him to decide if he liked them or not.  I was nervous but I decided to humor him.  Wow - was his reaction amazing!!  He loved them all!!  The mesh & lace babydoll and the plaid chemise were two of his favorites! 

He kept telling me that he couldn't believe that I had cried all afternoon about how I looked & that I was so sexy.  He couldn't keep his hands off of me & made me promise to take them all with me on our trip.  I felt so sexy, hot and irresistible. 

The moral of the story is that you should always believe your mate.  What he thinks is very important and really the bottom line is that my husband is the only person that I want to impress!  I'm so happy he loves my body & curves as much as he does!

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