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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trying Something New

I am contemplating trying something new in our marriage, but I'll be honest, I'm a little bit afraid. I've always worried that my husband would rather be with someone other than me.  He's strong, gorgeous, and amazing. I'm not. I feel like he could do better than me and I've always felt that way. 

He has always tried to tell me that he thinks I'm perfect and that he is the lucky one. He says that he would never want to be with anyone but me.  He says that there isn't any in the world as gorgeous to him as I am.  I still get self conscious though which is why it's such a stretch for me to attempt what I'm contemplating.

I'm thinking about getting some masturbators for us to play with.  We have lots of great sex toys from EdenFantasys but most of them are toys for me to enjoy.  Things like vibrators and dildos.  He uses them on me & we have a great time.  I don't think about anyone else & hardly ever use them on my own.  So why am I so afraid that if I get some masturbation sleeves that he'll use them on his own or that he'll think of another woman while using them instead of me?  Because of my own insecurities. I need to face that!  Ordering something like a Fleshlight or Tenga might be just the ticket!!

The New Me

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